Wednesday, October 30, 2002

This afternoon I cleaned up the changes I made to Oliver Wrede's metaRender Manila plug-in. It now works fine as a renderer in Radio. With Oliver's permission, I am posting the Radio metaRenderer script for public download. Since the interface and function are unchanged, I am keeping the name the same. Let me know if you run across any problems (I have done enough testing to be confident that it does not break anything).

Install Instructions: Download the script (IE users can right-click and download target), saving it in whatever directory you look to keep Radio scripts (a temp location will do). Open Radio (from the System Tray), then using Radio's File/Open menu open the script. Radio should prompt you for a location to load the script. The default will work perfectly (if you change it, Radio will never find the renderer later).

Notes: I have not found much instructional material on using metaRenderer, although I did write a few things about it yesterday. When time and experience permit, I will write more on the topic.
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Zoe has suddenly stopped working for me today. During the middle of the day it (the user interface) just stopped responding to clicks. The last thing I tried to do was click on the "Application" link in the list of Services (on the Prefs page) - in an attempt to shut down Zoe. I later shut it down manually from the command line (zoe -jar zoe.jar shutdown). This seemed to work fine. Subsequent restarts launched Zoe and it continued indexing (judging by the contents of the *.eml files in its directory structure and the RSS feed showing up in my news aggregator). However, any attempts to access my Zoe home page are met with "Cannot Find Server".

I tried launching in debug mode, but that did not help any. I did get a nice log file with a bunch of messages looking like this:

10/30 15:11:57 (Warning) SZInspector.descriptionWithNameForObject: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
10/30 15:11:57 (Warning) SZInspector.descriptionWithNameForObject: class SZIdentityInspector
10/30 15:11:58 (Warning) SZInspector.descriptionWithNameForObject: descriptionForObject
10/30 15:11:58 (Warning) SZKeyValue$ObjectKeyValue.objectValueForKey: SZKeyValue.ObjectKeyValue.objectValueForKey: InvocationTargetException for key 'itemDescription' in class 'History'.
I am not quite sure what direction to go in now.
3:59:40 PM      

I guess I now know why I could not shut down Zoe via the user interface earlier; it appears to be broken. I shut it down manually and that worked just fine. I rebooted my machine to reclaim memory that appeared irrevocably lost. When I restarted Zoe it launched the browser-based UI, but could not serve up the requested page. I have no clue what is wrong or what to do. I wonder if it is indexing stuff?
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Oliver Wrede responds affirmatively:
BRILLIANT! I'd be happy if you offer the metaRenderer..." -- Oliver
OK. Thanks Oliver! I am pretty busy today, but when I get a break I will package up the metaRenderer changes and post them here.
12:28:04 PM      

It seems like Radio is running really slow over the last couple of days. I suspect it has something to do with retrieving external resources (e.g. images) required to paint the screen. That is about the only thing I can come up with because the Radio application server itself seems to be running just fine. Requesting my news page URL within Radio completes in just a couple seconds. Requesting my news page URL from the browser is taking up to one minute. The same seems to be true of my weblog. I wish I had a theme with all local resources!
12:23:16 PM      

Today I want to stop Zoe. It is just a feeling, but I think there may be a memory leak. Can Java apps have memory leaks? Maybe it is just a slowly growing consumption of memory resources that are never released. Same difference: Zoe's memory usage is gradually rising. There are a couple of ways to do this. One is through the browser itself, if I remember rightly. On the preferences page some of the services are presented as links. Clicking on "Application" takes you, I think, to a page where you can shut down the Zoe server. I say "I think" because Zoe is running very slowly right now and will not process the link request. Thus, the alternative.

Zoe can also be launched and shutdown from the command line. From the Zoe mailing list archives I found the following for starting and stopping Zoe.

java -jar Zoe.jar
java -jar Zoe.jar shutdown

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