Wednesday, November 20, 2002

"Nashville Cats, play clean as country water." I couldn't help it. It just started running through my mind after that last post. It seemed so innocent, so harmless.
9:15:04 AM      

Tomorrow I am off to the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville. I have never been to Nashville. Hey, doesn't Mark Paschal live in that area? or maybe it is Chattanooga. It would be fun to meet up with a fellow blogger. According to How Far Is It the two cities are 115 miles apart. I guess we will not be meeting for lunch!
9:08:22 AM      

My Xbox Live Gamertag is Thorongil. Somebody else had already taken Aragorn and Elessar. My son, Steven, went for the simpler SK8Dude. A reflection of the different times in which we grew up?
8:54:24 AM      

Paul Scott-Murphy has spun off a weblog category for his technical exploits. Since Paul is the author of Zoe's XML-RPC interface, I am anticipating many posts on that topic.
8:43:54 AM