Tuesday, November 05, 2002

On the off-chance somebody is interested, I have made my storyRoll macro available for others to use. Download it, install it (in user.radio.macros), then drop a line in the appropriate template (e.g. #homeTemplate.txt):
You will probably want to dress it up in your own way. Each link uses the blogrollLinkedText style. The list produced includes every story in the stories directory hierarchy except, stories in the stories directory itself, any file named "index.*", any file prefixed with a "#", and any story that specifies the #flindex false directive.
5:47:34 PM      

Pardon the dust. I am making some changes to my home page. Using the blogroll macro to display my subscriptions on the right. Thinking about generating a list of stories to link to on the left. Also going to a CSS-based theme. Trying the story list, very loosely based on blogroll. OK, it only marginally looks like blogroll, most of the code came from my own modified viewStoryList macro. Hmmm, I would kind of like to be able to filter out some stories. Ditto for the blogroll. Nobody really wants to see my Zoe or YACCS feeds. Needs some thought.

OK, I modified my storyRoll macro to ignore a) non-published items (file name prefixed with "#") and b) stories that have the flindex directive set to false. That provides a good enough way to keep the list clean for now.
4:19:42 PM      

I made a change to the design for the addStoryShortcut script in yesterday's piece, Improving Radio's Story Shortcut Automation. The script is now simpler, works for all stories, and does not require a change to the #template.txt file. Updated install and usage instructions are in the story. I also provided some instructions for uninstalling the old version of the macro. I apologize for the inconvenience I caused by neglecting an important test case.
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Mark Woods @ 11/04/2002 08:07 PM. Doh! I rather stupidly forgot to run a key test case. I tried it when I got home only to find it failed. If you are creating a brand new story, the shortcut is initially incorrect. If you change the story and resave, the correct shortcut is created. It's a timing thing. The table user.radio.settings.files is being maintained in such a way that the url is not set until rendering is complete. I will try to resolve this tomorrow. In the meantime, everything works OK, you just don't... [YACCS Comments for On the Mark]
On to iteration #6. I know what I need to do, but will not have time until this afternoon. My plan is to use the upstream callback, eliminating the need to make a template change. Watch this space.
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