Saturday, January 11, 2003

My wife wants me to go tour the local "Y" with her. She wants to get a family membership. It is not so much that I am against it - I love to run and ski. I just know that I am not likely to take advantage of it. I can run around the neighborhood for free. I also know I lack the discipline to go to the "Y". Think I'll go upstairs for a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie.
5:09:47 PM      

Stuff you see at the fishing show:
  • People with tans even though they are from North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario.
  • Names like: Babe, J.D., Zeke, Duke.
  • boats costing 25% of expensive suburban houses.
  • men.
  • People that want you to spend lots of money to go to other parts of the world to catch fish you could probably find within 20 miles of your midwestern home.
    5:05:27 PM      

Simply Fishing host Bob M. on ... snore.
3:15:58 PM      

Mobloging @ the arlington fishing show.
2:58:23 PM