Monday, January 13, 2003

The blue pin? My friend George says the pin structure is different between UDMA and UltraATA. The latter uses a new 80 pin format characterized by a blue pin. I'll probably need the new controller. I wonder if my old drive will work with it, or if I'll need to keep two controllers?
3:18:54 PM      

I got a nice deal on a 100G Western Digital with 8M cache for $89 (with a mail-in rebate). I bought it, not knowing if it would be compatible with my existing Promise UltraDMA controller or not.We'll find out tonight. I also bought a cheap SIIG UltraATA controller, just in case.
3:17:37 PM      

Why oh why didn't I take the blue pin? My Clinton era PC's 6G UltraDMA Quantum Fireball hard drive is out of space. This sent me to Best Buy to do a little hard drive shopping. Now everthing is UltraATA and I have no idea of the two are compatible. A Seagate FAQ suggests the two are interchangeable buzzwords. Friends in the know say otherwise.
3:16:53 PM      

Good Morning! The Arlington Sportfishing Show is over, we joined the Y, and I am back in Schauburg for ASP.NET training. I had fun over the weekend. I feel good about myself. I am excited about class. This is going to be a very positve vibe kind of day.
10:53:46 AM