Friday, January 31, 2003

A Minor bug in my outline post renderer from yesterday was revealed in my previous post. Nothing major, but the renderer was not properly closing off the unordered list. I fixed it and placed the revised script in my gems folder for download. I am sure nobody noticed because I had very few page hits yesterday.

I really, really like writing my posts using Radio's outliner. It has got me wondering how far I can push this thing. Can I use my table renderer to conveniently drop a table in a post? Could I use rules to drive the layout with the Pike renderer? Is anybody else interested in using Radio's outliner to author their posts?

11:33:58 AM      

Revised Word of the Day: Versus. Has anybody else noticed a new use of the preposition versus creaping into our children's vocabulary? I hear it from my son and his friends all the time. Examples:
  • Mr. Woods, do you want to verse me in basketball?
  • Dad, will you verse me in chess?
  • I versed Nick in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 today!

I am pretty sure it is a video game-driven misconception of the word because multiplayer game setups often use the abbreviation vs for player/team setup. Nevertheless, I cannot help but feel I am being challenged to a poetry reading on the intracacies of bouncing a leather-bound ball on a hardwood floor.

11:18:52 AM      

I Deleted The Patent Application I was supposed to review yesterday. I accidentally deleted the email from the intellectual property counsel who is doing the filing for us. It looked like junk mail. It was a forwarded email, from somebody I do not know, containing a quirky subject line that made no mention of the words patent, application, or lawyer. A prime candidate for auto-deletion. At any rate, I did read through it this morning. I suppose I cannot say any more than that about it so I won't.
11:05:31 AM