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Thursday, January 31, 2002

Did I mention we're getting back $2200 from the Feds this year? Woo Hoo!
5:27:30 PM    

My Yahtzee game is hackable, of course. I was waiting how long it would be before someone figured it out. I've always known and knew that the high scores page was hackable too. I'm going to try and write sessions or cookies or something into it one of these days when I have time to make cheating harder. The original ASP version actually had that built in with cookies, but I dropped the cookies when I went to PHP because in the grand scheme of things does it really matter? I think the hard core players would say "Hell yes, Phil!" And believe me there are many of them. Yahtzee is 50% of all my traffic (probably more now that I'm not blogging on my site for the past few weeks). I'm getting about one email per day from Yahtzee from players but a beggining programmer emailed asking for the source since he was learning. In the past I made all of my source code available so I didn't see the problem with it. None of my lib files were included (only used on the high_scores page really) and none of the Yahtzee code is particularly clever (at least I'm assuming so since I wrote it). Feelings? Thoughts? I wonder if I could learn enough UserTalk to make Yahtzee inside of Radio. Would require a Manilla server, but it's an interesting prospect.
5:23:37 PM    

If I had a weblog, I would be pointing to this right now: Ford loses hyperlinking dispute. Yay for free people everywhere!

4:10:39 PM    

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