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Saturday, November 4, 2006

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Bill Ritter was stumping out on the high plains yesterday, according to the Sterling Journal-Advocate. From the article, "Bill Ritter said he knows water is the lifeblood of northeast Colorado. The Democratic candidate for governor of Colorado brought his 'Colorado Promise' statewide campaign to Sterling Thursday, speaking to community members and students at Northeastern Junior College and having lunch at the NJC cafeteria. On the topic of water, he said that while he has touted reusing water as one way to deal with the state's water shortage, he knows the water cannot be reused to extinction - that a percentage of it must come down the river to supply northeast Colorado. He also expressed concern with the 'water grab,' with Front Range cities buying up more and more of eastern Colorado's agricultural water."

Coyote Gulch would remind the candidate that when farmers, or other water rights holders, sell their water rights, it's a business transaction, an exchange of property rights for some dough, not a "water grab." The water rights holders are not the villains in the the story around unbridled growth along the front range. You may not like the outcomes but that's life (and water law).

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