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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Eine wenig Geschichte:

I'm reading Goethe's Theory of Colors that I got from the community college library. The book has an introduction by Deane Judd, an expert on the psychological impact of color, who wrote:

Some of the explanations are correct, but most of them spring from Goethe's own version of Aristotle's view of color, largely repudiated and so far unproductive.
Here's Goethe's work in a historical timeline:

1859  Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchoff invented the spectroscope
1840  Charles Lock Eastlake translated Theory of Colors
1810  Johann Goethe wrote Theory of Colors
1807  Thomas Young published the wave theory of light
1671  Robert Boyle developed a color theory
1665  Newton's experiments and theory of light
c340 BC  Theophrastus, a student of Aristotle, mused on color

I want to finish the book at the beach next week.


LACMA, my favorite museum in the west, will host the Pushkin exhibit starting next week. According to the LA Times, Andre Marc Delocque-Fourcaud, heir to Sergei Shchukin's art collection, claims that the works were stolen by the Soviet government in the early days, and that now that there is no Soviet government left, museums should have to pay him to display the works.

I'll try to get to LACMA next week, and let you know.

Gammatron points to an article saying that Frank Black may try to resurect the Pixies. That was my least favorite incarnation of Black's talent. His current group, the Catholics, swings (!) to far the opposite way. I liked his middle personna: Frank Black, The Cult of Ray and Teenager of the Year (especially) the best. Still, I wonder where new Pixies could take him?

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