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Saturday, September 11, 2004
New York Times columnist David Brooks has written a piece that I can relate to. Using humor (atta boy David!) he points out that accountants and those who love them, are more likely to support President Bush. Whereas people who can read and write are more likely to be Democrats. Librarians, for example, favor Kerry over Bush by more than 200:1.

Brooks also says that academia lacks intellectual diversity. As a grunt in the educational behemoth, I can tell you that we cherish diversity. It says so right in our mission statement! And I have the academic freedom to say "kudos" to the administration's ideas or give them "props". It's my choice. So there.

The father of modern school portraiture died in Eloy at the age of 92, according to this Onion story. I kinda liked the old style, where you had to pick out someone in the class. Much more fun, but not nearly so profitable for the photographer. Now school photography is quite the biz: You take a bunch of unskilled assistants, crank out portraits assembly line style, then pressure the parents into buying memories of their little darlings.

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