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Thursday, September 16, 2004
Nikon has released a new camera, the D2x, a high-resolution competetor to Kodak's SLR/n and Canon's 1Ds. I'm sure it will be a fine camera, but will also be priced out of my reach.

That, and I'm convinced the D100 retains the most light sensitivity of any digital camera with it's standard ISOs 3200 and 6400 that are very pushable.


Stefan Rohner's photography is, in his words, about "Faces telling stories ... with honor and respect, from my point of view." A photographic ethic to which we can all aspire.

His work (photographed on film) is the most inspired, and inspiring I've seen since, ... I dunno - Maplethorpe's humanity, Bravo's reality and Weston's precision, with an impact all his own.

Yesterday, Mr. Rohner said of my photograph that the grain may look too artificial. That, I guess, is the point. The grain of that image, is not 'painted on' by some algorithm attempting to impart a film grain quality to the image. Instead, the photo employs Digitalism, where, the attributes of the digital image are used in the image. Digital grain has a blockier, more regular look than does film grain, and so imparts its own look to a photograph.

Here is another example of my Digitalism


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