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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Yesterday I opened my back door, to find my back porch (and laundry room) had become home to this bug and about 10,000 of her (his? - how do you tell?) children. Their fine webs were everywhere, and each arachnid had staked out about a cubic decimeter as a personnal space. The big one was easy to find, as she was holding class on the art of insect catching and devouring. And as you can see, that moth is history!

I'm not gonna get rid of them, for a little while anyway, because West Nile Virus is still a big problem in Phoenix. And these daddy long legs spiders will eat any mosquitos that try to get in through the back door. And yes, I have been mosquito bitten this summer, but I'm saving the virus for sometime I'll need to take a week or so off work.

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