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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Ok then. To my surprise Senator Kerry was articulate and to the point. I agree that the presence of nuclear weapons presents the greatest danger to our world, and I also believe it is only a matter of time until they are used in an act of terrorism. Telaviv, Israel is probably the prime target because of the ease of transport, but New York or Washington would be tempting as well.

The concept seemed new to the President, who presented himself as a better listener than I would have guessed. Even if he wins the election, he may have learned something from this exchange.


Tonight John Kerry has his chance to convince me to vote this year. I'm what's being called a 'soft democrat', that is a Democrat who does not feel any special affinity for our candidate. I will not vote for President Bush no matter what he says, as he hasn't told us the truth for the last four years, and there's nothing he can say tonight to change my mind on that.

Kerry, on the other hand, simply hasn't inspired me (and millions more Democrats) because he still has not given us an idea what he would do differently than the current administration. So I'm wanting to hear what his plans to protect us in the age of terrorism, what he will do to repair our blunders in the Middle East and how he will return our nation to a position of respect, and not just fear.

We should not be the policemen to the world, but should work with other nations to bring the world to a safe and prosperous place, for all of us. Not just the big shots, as the President's people seem to want.


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