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Friday, October 8, 2004
Heather Champ, of The Mirror Project said in an email, that photographs for the project are not selected based on quality, but are filtered by a completely mechanical process, their submission guidelines.This really describes the entire process of photography quite nicely. Making a photograph requires that you adhere to 'guidelines' which are enforced by the constraints of he medium. and of course content is filtered only by where you point the camera and how you set it. Unlike painting and drawing, photographs become expresive by filtering out what you don't want rather than adding in what you do.

It is more akin to the sculptor who frees the statue within the block of marble.


Julie Wiggins, author of the Sexy Magick blog is hiring herself out, at twenty eight dollars an hour with certain specialties slightly more.

Her new business, Chaotic Cancellations, manages office and automation work flow as well as business cash flow for clients in the north Bay Area.

Congratulations Julie!



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