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Saturday, October 12, 2002

Dave Winer: Also, I realize there's a need for a RSS module for redirection. I noted that Jon Udell needed it, and that Rogers Cadenhead needs it now. Not everyone can control their server enough to program an HTTP-level redirect. Would someone like to propose a module? It should be easy to program Radio to support it and we can evangelize it to other aggregators. This could be a first experience at really working together, with no flames. What do you think? Is it time??

If Dave wants to see whether or not it will be possible to work together, he certainly has found an interesting test to do it on.

As Jon Udell discovered, a solution already exists which is simplicity onto itself.  Channel elements have an "about" element which specify where the rss feed can be found.  If present and different, then readers should follow.

What makes this test case interesting is the namespace that this attribute is defined in.

This should be interesting to watch.

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With Noah Mendelsohn's permission, I am posting his slides from this week's devcon.  He wishes it to be noted that the opinions and analysis are his alone, and not necessarily IBM's, and that the contents are copyright 2002 IBM Corporation.
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Kryogenix: Unless I'm missing something, Intertwingly is no longer pingbackable.  My policy at the moment is that the specific entry pages (/blog/xxx.html) are eligable for trackback and/or pingback, but not my daily archives (/blog/yyyy/mmm/dd#xxxx).

As to the rest of the sentiments, it seems to me that one could view pingback as nothing more than an automated "look at me".  Not that I mind at all...

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I dropped my wife off at the airport this morning.  The details vary considerably, but the overall theme is quite similar to Shelley's Band of Brothers.  I wish I was with my wife right now, but we agreed that this was best for the kids.  So, for now I am focused on some serious subliminating.
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First, Brian Jepson's notes (day 1 and day 2) rocked.  The sessions were of the same top notch quality as the previous devcon.  Here are some parting thoughts:
  • My keynote: this is the first time I every remember running short on time - I nearly always finish early.
  • Glen Daniels didn't say anything I haven't heard before.  ;-)
  • Peter Drayton captured the subtle concepts of REST superbly
  • Steve Lougran's presentation was just as good the second time.  I particularly liked the things he could tell us now that he couldn't tell us the first time.
  • Noah's presentation was very educational.  I had thought that schema was more deterministic.
  • Scott Seely's was perhaps my favorite session.  To see a Microsoft employee demonstrate Axis alongside .Net did my heart good.  I disagreed with some of it, but that's what makes topics like this interesting.
  • This was the first time I've ever seen Don Box talk on a subject where he didn't have all the answers.  The role of types in loosely coupled systems is a favorite topic of mine.  I'll probably have more to say on this in a bit.
  • Yasser is probably destined to become my new best friend.  Had I known what he was going to say, I would have streamlined my keynote considerably.
  • The Mindreef duo shared a wealth of immediately practical advice.  If you ever consider deploying a web service based solution with components from more than one vendor, these are the guys to talk to.

My favorite part was the "Ask the speakers" Q&A in the middle.  One thought for future conferences: schedule a few point/counter point sessions where opposing views are explored.  Peter's presentation on REST to a SOAP crowd came close.  For example, it would have been fun to see Yasser and Clemens discuss on whether XML should be a primary focus or an implementation detail.

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