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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

BurningBird: ...but the cycle was too much for nature and a big wormhole opened up and sucked Mark into another dimension. Probably one without Python. LOL!
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Jeff Cheney has redirected his subscription of my new rss feed.  Thanks!

For the first time since mid August, the number subscriptions reported by to my old feed has fallen below 144.

Most have thought my Fade to white campaign is pretty funny.  Other suggestions I have received: simply post a notice on my blog asking people to move (that certainly hasn't worked to date).  Start dropping random letters (like, vowels) from my feed.  Insert pop-up adds.

For the moment, I'm sticking with more subtle encouragements.  Some lucky Radio users who are subscribed to my old feed but not my new feed will find a little present in their referrer logs.

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