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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Dave Winer: Question for MT experts. I want to send a Trackback message to Mitch's weblog referencing this post. I know how to do it with a script, but how do I do it through MT's user interface?

In MT 2.5, on the HTML page where one enter weblog titles, entries, and excerpts, there is a simple textarea for URLs to Ping, thus:

<textarea class="short310" name="to_ping_urls" rows="3" wrap="virtual"></textarea>

In my case, the user interface is Radio.  During my publishing process, I run a script which parses the entry for hrefs and automatically issues any pingbacks or trackbacks.

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Jon Udell: I care enormously about RSS interoperability.
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Mark Pilgrim: No ego, no argument, no crap; just working code. It was glorious.  Working with Mark was easy.  First you have to agree to use Python...

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