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Monday, September 30, 2002

From: Google To: Phil Message: You Suck.. It looks like our year of living abnormally high in Google's search results is coming to an end with this update.  Ouch!  I'm no longer on the first page either.  Oh, well, I guess I need to find other ways to amuse myself then.
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I'm pleased to announce release candidate 2 of Axis release 1.  All unit and functional tests pass with this release.  The SAAJ and JAX RPC TCK tests pass.  All bugs reported as of this morning targetted for the 1.0 release are resolved in this drop.  Pending feedback from people like yourselves, this might very well be it!


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My comment pages for individual blog entries are now pingback enabled.
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RedHat Linux 8.0
  8:44:14 AM   Comment 

Based on Joe Gregorio's suggestion, I've added a DOCTYPE to my RSS 0.91 feed.

In order to help Dave Winer and others track comments to my feed, I've added a slash:comments element to my RSS 2.0 feed.

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Peter Drayton: Interest[ing] murmurings re: possible Rotor/CE source licencing changes (via Brian Jepson's weblog)
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