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Updated: 10/1/2002; 3:52:06 PM.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Cool!  There is PHP version of blosxom named phosxom.  I'll have to try it out.  Boy, that was easy.  I did have to make a few changes:

1) The $ stuff appears to be phosxom specific.  I changed it to match blosxom, thus:

if (substr($fname,strrpos($fname,'.')+1) == "txt") {

2) The template format is different than blosxom's (actually, phosxom's is considerably more powerful).  For now, I simply converted the formats on the fly with the following

         ereg_replace("(\\$[[:alnum:]]+)", "<?=\\1?>", fread($fd,filesize($fname)));

3) Blosxom uses $ti for the post time, phosxom uses $time.  Again, I like phosxom's better, but for now I switch this to conform to blosxom.


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Phil Wainewright: In its tiny microcosm, the passion of the debate over RSS is a reminder of how much energy and enmity people are prepared to invest in either winning or resisting the imposition of a set of values on the networks they participate in. We all know that, so long as significant groups are excluded from it, both the network and the excluded each remain the poorer for it. Nevertheless, throughout history, people have fought almost to destruction rather than adapt their networks to respect the namespace of others.
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