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Monday, September 09, 2002

Let a thousand flowers bloom

For what it is worth, I see a significant improvement, missed opportunties, and one big disappointment.  An example of the latter... if the goal was truly to document current practice, some consideration would have been give to the fact that admin::generatorAgent is used out in the internet, but instead of throwing the RSS 1.0 folks a bone, RSS 2.0 incorporates a generator tag into the core.  The least that could have been done is to put new tags into modules.

Thankfully, each of these tags are optional.  My recommendation to all is that everyone simply opt out.

My plan over the next weeks and months is to evangelize the use of both existing modules and the creation of new modules.


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Cory Doctorow: Dan Gillmor's new column -- it's hard to pick a quote from this, the whole thing's just so right on.
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Jon Udell: If somebody can point me to a UserTalk equivalent, I'd be most thankful.  Just to let you know, that is UserTalk.  Written and debugged using Radio's QuickScript window (a.k.a. Ctrl-;).  Enjoy!

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New essay on XML namespaces.  A topical subject these days.
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