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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Looks like the author is in Rome...
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This is in response to Dave's essay on Discontinuities.

Discontinuities include taking limits that people and tools rely on and removing them.  Discontinuities likewise include taking required elements and making them optional.  Discontinuities include allowing (or at least tolerating) people adding new elements and then taking this back this right for specific elements by introducing them into the core.  Each of the above changes can break tools, and therefore can force upgrades upon users.

I dare say that RSS would not be the success it is today without these discontinuities.  In particular, making title optional was a bold step that broke a number of assumptions that tools were making but made available a large number of feeds.

So, what does it take to nudge this spec along towards being rock solid?  Jon Udell has some ideas at the bottom of this blog entry.

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I'm running a survey of a randomly selected sample of 1000 news feeds from syndic8.  While running, the page updates after every 10 feeds are successfully consumed.
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