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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

This was the conference that google picked for me.  And the one that I had a blast.  This one looks like it has an equally stellar lineup.  Only 24 seats left, so if you are inclined to go, act quick...

I'm kicking the thing off.  I asked Chris what he expected from a keynote.  He said, "more prose, less code".  I responded "just so long as I don't have to wear a tie.".  Chris's response: "If you do, I'll kick you out myself".  This is one conference that I'm very much looking forward to.

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l.m.orchard: What horror! Perl calling upon a Python script?! Have you gone mad, sir?!  Chuckle.  I don't think he knows the depth of my depravity.  Here's a small taste.

P.S.  This post was entered in Radio, extracted using a batch file via some UserTalk, parsed using Perl, cleaned up by tidy and a C program of my own design, transferred to intertwingly using scp, and then ssh triggers unpacking on the destination site, where a shell script takes over: invokes indexing using Jakarta's Lucene, and then a python script pings and  The final product is viewable via three different versions of blosxom.

Yup, I'm a sick puppy.

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0xDECAFBAD: I'd also like something that scans a blog entry I post for links, then investigate those links for Pingback/TrackBack availability - all to make the system even more automatic.  I'm game.  I've implemented it in Python.  And written a Perl extracter or excerpts and pinger which uses takes advantage of this.  I'll be testing it on this blog entry.  Once debugged, I'll connect this to my publishing process (though a simple cron job would do) and forget about it.  As Ben says, There is nothing inherent in TrackBack that makes it any less transparent to either of the users involved.

The previous sentence is in there just so I can get two trackback entries out of this. smiley

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Wari Wahab: Without further adieu, I now present pyblosxom, a weblogging tool that's 100% compatible with blosxom. You can share your blosxom templates and data with pyblosxom. As easy as that.  Cool.  I'll have to try it out.  That was easy.  Python, yummy.

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