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Updated: 10/1/2002; 3:52:08 PM.

Friday, September 20, 2002

David Watson: Dave Winer is asking about a feature to do comment notification on a weblog. The dotnet guy provides an answer: subscribe to his newest comments RSS feed. Cool!

Agreed.  Sometimes the most complicated problems have simple solutions.

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Paul Prescod wrote an excellent article on what's missing from web services.  Essentially, what he describes in detail is what I expressed somewhat more succinctly in REST + SOAP as "REST - SOAP = XLink".  I also commend his restraint from his normal tendency towards hyperbole - with one notable exception where he declares "the emperor has no clothes". 

Overall, I endorse this article and the change to WSDL that Paul has been consistently championing (requirement R085).

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It looks like Dave Johnson has a fight on his hands over the name for his site.  Dave states that he has been doing this for fun and educational purposes, and prominently suggests that people who want an easy to use software package should look to Blogger, Radio, or LiveJournal.

Unfortunately, this isn't the fun or education that he was looking for.  I encourage anybody with insight into the origin of the term "weblogger", or the alleged ability to copyright a word, or the legal significance of a lapsed trademark to either contact snoopdave privately or leave a comment on this blog entry.

Update: Erin Clerico has publicly apologized on his weblog and in my comments.  Dave Johnson has added a link to Weblogger on his site.  It looks like peace has been restored.  In the process, Erin says something on his weblog that does seem to be backed up by the comments I have seen so far is:

One thing you can't say is that I offer a lousy service. I work my ass off to run Weblogger and support my clients, often putting 20 hour days to make sure every request for service and support gets fulfilled, and I doubt you could get any of them to trash me. Or maybe you could. It does not matter, people vote with their feet and I have seen no cancellations so far.


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