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Friday, September 27, 2002

Larry O'Brien: This article and this one (both by Paul Prescod) and this one by Sam Ruby I think are finally getting through my thick skull why "REST" is being used as a proxy statement for "the challenges that many Web Service developers will face." They're much better reading than the REST Wiki.  Cool.  By the way, I believe it was me that "cheekily" said that one needed to "get prepared for the object reference to move outside of the parenthesis".

I also agree with your "on the other hand" comment.  It gets worse, however.  If I have a reference to a.b.c, and then I do a PUT to a, it is not always clear what the caching implications to a.b.c are.  This is a subtle point that often gets glossed over.

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Dave Winer This morning an esoteric update to the RSS feed generator in Radio. We now omit the xmlns attribute on the rss element because some parsers, especially homegrown parsers, can't correctly interpret it.  For those interested in more detail on this, I explain why here.  Now, of course, all such homegrown parsers which upgraded to support the new RSS 2.0 namespace are broken.  As Shelley said, quick hacks are not the solution.

Dave continues to say, I believe Sam's feed is not generated with Radio. clearly states "RSS generated by Radio UserLand v8.0.8".  Those that care to can see the code here.

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Timothy Appnel: Inspired by some of yesterday's conversations on the RSS-DEV list and past proposals for a simple core I drafted up a more detailed description of such a format.  (I'm releasing it in the spirit of "release early, release often.") It maintains backward compatablity with RSS 0.91 and its descendants.
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Based on Dave's request, I made my first post to the rss-dev mailing list today.
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opossum Look what I saw last night hiding under my kid's little tikes picnic bench...  My daughter thinks he's cute.  My wife calls it a "rat".  It actually is a Didelphis virginiana.

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