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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Mark Pilgrim: What could we build if we all had FOAF files? I donít know, but Iíll try anything once.  I'm in.
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Based on Phil Ringnalda's suggestion, I've corrected RSS autodiscovery link to my comments page.  Presumably, the comment on broken popup windows was meant to be directed elsewhere? smiley

Meanwhile, I've updated the title on comments pages to contain the title of the original blog entry.  And added permalinks to each comment, so I can reference individual comments like I did above.  Yes, Dave, I guess I can say I implemented it myself, it took all of about a dozen lines of code.  Each comment is stored exactly the same way as a blog entry is, merely with a different extension.  Everything pretty much just worked... most of the effort was in creating a template for the comments page, and the fact that this is the one place where blog entries are displayed in chronological order instead of in reverse chronological order.

As to Dave's questions on how it looks to the user, I think that Phil and Mark on on the right track: a browser button which says "track this for a while".

When I get around to implementing trackback, it certainly is my intent to do as Phil describes, and intermingle local and remote comments.

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