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Updated: 10/1/2002; 3:52:05 PM.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Tom Jordahl: The Apache Axis team has released Axis 1.0 RC1, available at  If all goes well, the official release will be next week.

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Jon Udell:

2. Use the name RSS to denote the interoperable CORE
3. Have optional namespaces in the RSS core for basic/general/ad-hoc metadata extension.

Oh, he also said a lots of other good things.  Go read for yourself.  I simply wanted to highlight these two thoughts.

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My RSS 2 feed has been tested on the following news aggregators: Radio, AmphetaDesk, Blagg, NewZ Crawler, Aggie, and Mark Pilgrim's Ultra-liberal RSS Parser.

It looks like I was not the first to propose that this be called RSS 2.  Nor the first to implement it.  Related discusion: Ben Hammersley, RSS-DEVUpdate: and still more discussion: Dave and Mark.

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Paul Prescod now has a weblog.  As it is using ZOPE, it is based on his beloved Python.  It has an RDF RSS 0.91 feed.  Subscribed.
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