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Updated: 11/1/2002; 4:43:36 AM.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Possum update:

  • Marshmallows are unceremoniously dumped from the bowl and completely ignored.
  • Bananas are sniffed and nibbled, and then ignored.
  • English muffins are priceless jewels which are instantly whisked away to parts unknown and savored at leisure.

  10:56:36 PM   Comment 

Kasia: You're not allowed to read this... .. if you live in the US of A.  Thank you DMCA, for bringing absurdity into our daily Internet-based lives.
  9:50:18 PM   Comment 

Timothy Appnel: The WSIL model is more RESTful then UDDI. In many ways, WSIL is like RDF Site Summary (RSS) for Web services. RSS is a file format with pointers to published content that can be syndicated and aggregated. WSIL is a file format with references to published Web services that can be discovered and bound.
  9:32:30 PM   Comment 

A Blogger Code of UnProfessional Ethics and Wetware, the Killer App.  Both are must reads.

P.S.  Doc's RSS feed is not valid XML.  Something about a reference to an undefined entity 'ouml'.

  8:16:29 PM   Comment 

data=["Redirect permanent /0101679/rss.xml\n"]
print r['message']

Can't save one or more files because it was not a legal type, or it's too large.


Update: added the permanent keyword.  Thanks Mark!

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