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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Despite of what you may think, this is not Alfredo's site. It is not Alfredo Octavio's site. It is not Tyromaniac. It is just an Exact replica. Until now. To keep going forward remember to go to the real Alfredo's site. To the real Alfredo Octavio's site. To the real Tyromaniac.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

eMe points out that the best selling video in Apple's iTunes Music store is Everybody Hates Hugo. We can sympathize with that!
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Ask Hugo anything.
Have a question for Hugo? Something you always wanted to ask him? Something you were always curious about? Well, here is your chance courtesy of the BBC and Hugo's expensive imagemakers:

Please, don't be shy about it and ask away! This is your chance, show the BBC, Venezuela and the world you care!
[The Devil's Excrement]
Isn't it curious that most of the comments (at this hour) are positive and not from Venezuela?
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It seems like a plan, but I can't make head or tails of it!
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Friday, October 14, 2005

What does Chavez hope to achieve? [Thanks, Craig!]
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The protests against columbus day parade compound an interesting commentary on how the neo constructionist post modernism manages to avoid criticizing its own society. Instead of moving against british imperialism or against rosy pictures like Thanksgiving, it moves against Colombus, an italian that never set foot in the US. Colombus was a man of his time and an impressive historic figure, despite its faults. Yes, latinamerica has some claim for hating Colombus, because they were colonized mostly by Colombus spanish followers, though figures like Cortez deserve the hatred more. But the US indigenous people should aim its anger at British colonialism. Funny how the descendants of such colonialism lead the movement and avoid the blame... By punishing an italian spanish descendants, like Chavez, can also play the same game...
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It's in spanish, but I have to link to it. From El Opinador Compulsivo we get Decálogo del Populismo Iberoamericano. Clear proof that Chavez isn't fooling everybody...
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Viva Venezuela Atea!

Not everything I write here is against Chavez or the Venezuelan government. I really like the fact that Chavez wants to kick out US missionaries. I say, kick them all out! Kick the catholic church out too! That way Venezuela can become a paradise of atheism, like most of its citizens want!
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Keep the Internet Free!

Please, Keep the Internet Free!. A group of countries, including Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba and Venezuela, want to wrestle control of the root servers away from the US. From the article:

This worldwide web of tyrannies, hiding behind the veneer of technical complaints, now seeks to control not just what its own citizens are able to see and say on the Internet, but what every individual on the face of the planet is able to see and say.
With all its defect the US has a better tradition of upholding freedom than any of these countries. If they manage to wrestle control, a rogue internet will be created for freedom, but it will be harder to access. I hope the US stands fast on this one. Let those countries break away from the Internet, they don't have the content we want!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Venezuelan Thrives on Seeing Threats From 'Mr. Danger'. President Hugo Chávez's most pressing concern seems to be what he sees as a plan by the Bush administration to kill him. By JUAN FORERO. [NYT > Home Page]
We have heard statements like those Chavez made before, not only from Castro, but also from Saddam and Noriega... Venezuela will lose a war with almost any country, no need for the US to invade. The lucky thing is nobody wants to invade us. But lies are the saviour of certain renown figures. Look ar Osama and his crew... So much propaganda for suicide and how it conduces to salvation, but they seem to be unwilling to save themselves by suicide... They just send others... Selflessness or cowardice?
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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Tim Bray from ongoing points to an essay by esr on Suicidalism, Tim criticizes the essay and qualifies esr as nut. I, for one, do not agree. I think esr has a point with that essay. A point brought forth by the Saudi Arabian women telling the US envoy, they are not oppressed, they are happy as they are, they don't want to drive. If there were a country were not a single woman wanted to drive, that would be fine with me, but that country wouldn't need a law forbidding women to drive, would it? The flaw in the Arabian women argument is the lack of choice. If one woman wanted to drive, even just one, she should be able to. That's the content of freedom. Not imposing your own decisions on someone else. Chavez has used Suicidalism quite effectively in Venezuela...
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Sunday, October 2, 2005

I don't understand why this info about the truth of the days and times of Salvador Allende hasn't gotten more airplay here and in the US. I have some questions over it, like, did Pinochet know this at the time. It seems to me that this theory should have been more convenient if someone even thought about it. Both the suicide and the fighting theory sound fishy too and the fact that it was Fidel who made up the fighting theory of the death of Allende, leads credence in my mind to this theory. Salvador Allende was murdered, on Fidel's command, like Che Guevara, when he wanted to avoid the death of himself. Fidel had no problem killing him and fuelling the death of thousands of people in latin america. That's the kind of cold blooded killer he is... Chavez look out! If you stray from the path Fidel traces you could be next.
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