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Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Sam: "WebServices are like elephants." Wisely put.
4:12:18 PM    

Microsoft's anti-Unix site apparently crashed after they switched it over to running IIS.  Everything was running fine when it was on the Unix box. :-)  That is too funny. 
4:06:12 PM    

Called my mom yesterday and told her my wife was having twins.  It was quite fun.  I'm sure glad it was a joke :-)  She said she was going to kick my $%#.
12:53:22 PM    

Sam: "Jon Udell: Java may have arrived late to the Web services party.  Grrr.  There are plenty of Java implementations.  Many are very good.  Some have been postively groundbreaking."

Java arrived late? One of the very first SOAP implementations available was written in Java.  While it may take a frustratingly long time for things to filter into the Java specification, that in no way means it doesn't exist.  Java not only arrived at the party on time, but was there an hour early helping to blow up the balloons and spike the punch.

9:11:00 AM    

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