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Saturday, April 06, 2002

Simon: "This could be the Web Services killer app we've been waiting for [via Slashdot]" This really does look interesting.  Makes me wonder if it is going to be two-way, you know, so I can update links to pages I own.  More stuff to think about....
1:10:47 PM    

Sam: "Tony Hong's XSpaces.  A simple but powerful shared space.  What I especially like is the side by side examples of how to get started with five popular toolkits.  I wonder if there are any other SOAPBuilders out there that would like to contribute similar examples for their toolkits?"  Looks cool.  My first thought: "this is nice, how could it be made nicer?"  I have some ideas.  Going to have to stew on 'em for a while.

1:08:01 PM    

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