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 Saturday, March 8, 2003
Word Counter 1.0

Word Counter is an AppleScript Studio application that performs a word count on text that is entered into its text field. Text can be typed, pasted, or dragged into the window. The program can count all words or only words above a specified length.
11:09:40 PM    

ScriptBuilders News

New: Playlist to HTML 1.0 - Create an HTML page from an iTunes playlist.
Updates: IE Cache Trasher X 1.4 - Delete Internet Explorer's download cache.
8:07:51 PM    

IE Cache Trasher X 1.4

IE Cache Trasher deletes the Internet Explorer download cache which stores incomplete and broken downloads. If left unchecked, the file can grow to great proportions. Release notes: Ported to AppleScript Studio.
5:45:45 PM    

Web Image Maker 1.0

This application uses AppleScript and the hdiutil command line utility to offer simple drag and drop configuration of internet-enabled disk images.
10:36:55 AM    

HomeRun 1.2.2

By integrating HomeRun, a CM11A controller, and X-10 compatible modules, users can set lights and appliances to go on and off at timed intervals. Release notes: Now has additional AppleScript commands designed to make integration with Sony Ericsson Clicker much easier. Specifically, it supports the notion of a "current module," much like iTunes supports the notion of a "current track." Visit the HomeRun scripts page for examples. Scripts can now retrieve the version number of HomeRun and its components.
10:16:35 AM    

Safari Width 1.0

This script lets you easily set the width of the frontmost Safari window. It displays a list of screen widths from 160 to 1600, including the current window's width (which is already sorted and highlighted in the list), and an 'Other...' item, in case the list isn't long enough for you. Known limitations: Windows always set flush to upper-left. No readme file yet. Note: There is currently no description or mention of the script on the web site. [d/l]
9:53:37 AM