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Tutorial: Using FrontPage with Radio Weblogs

Table of Contents

Using Microsoft FrontPage with your Radio Weblog

Working with FrontPage and Radio
Creating Files and Folders with FrontPage
Uploading files to your Weblog
Choosing a File Extension.
Creating a Category for your files.
Integrating FrontPage files into your Radio theme.
Using FrontPage to create a Daily Weblog entry
Using FrontPage to create a Story



These tutorials are presented "as is" with no guarantees or warranties. Working directly with the files in your Radio Weblog and folders can damage your Weblog if not done carefully.  I recommend that you make a complete backup of your Radio WWW folder, located at C:\Program Files\Radio UserLand\www (in a typical installation), before using FrontPage to work on your Radio Weblog.  (Yes, I needed to say this)


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