12 March 2003
A long but interesting day today -- and the best part was to arrive into the Irish Times to find a stack of boxes waiting in security, my Apple stuff! Needless to say it was hard to write my two stories when the G4 laptop was sitting there, charging up beside me. Now I am home and about to open the Airport Extreme base station box. Wheeeeeeeee!!
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Some reports are coming back from the SAGE-ie (www.sage-ie.org) meeting on the technical aspects of data retention, held in Trinity College last night. There's a blog of it here: http://blogs.linux.ie/djmagra/archives/m/200303#13 though I would caution that there's perhaps some confusion between holding traffic data and holding content -- the government proposal is to hold traffic data, so the argument about IP doesn't seem relevant.

The presentations made by the organisers Liam and Donal are here: http://www.sage-ie.org/slides/Symposium.ppt and here: http://www.sage-ie.org/slides/email.ppt
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Off to hear about the new Centrino chip at an Intel briefing this morning, and then to a media roundtable on Java and Java standards at Iona in the afternoon. With luck I'll arrive back to the Irish Times to discover my new Apple stuff waiting patiently for me...
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Niels Bohr. "Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true." [Quotes of the Day]
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Dealtime Agrees to Buy Epinions. Dealtime, a Web site for comparing prices, has agreed to buy Epinions, a site that lets users write and read product reviews.  [New York Times: Technology]
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Military to Clamp Down on E-Mail. Concerned that secret information might leak out, some units of the military are starting to clamp down on e-mail communication. [New York Times: Technology]
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Dell signs European cluster customers. Deal includes pact with Oxford University [InfoWorld: Top News]
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My US-based dad will be so happy! Now if they'd just tackle the spam problem as successfully as Yahoo have: AOL unveils Web pop-up controls. The Net giant on Wednesday will introduce new pop-up advertising controls that let members suppress spontaneous promotional windows while surfing the Web. [CNET News.com]
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Google comes to Dublin (from Irish Times breaking news):

One of the world's leading Internet search engines is to base its European headquarters in Dublin, it was reported today.

After much speculation over where the headquarters are to be located, Google was expected to announce Dublin as its choice as early as today.

This was a done deal a long while back and we'd suggested as much in the Irish Times, but there wasn't much more to be said (so the SundayTribune and RTE have given it another airing, weeks after Jamie Smyth had it!). So here it is: Google IS coming to Dublin. According to a very informed source, they'd made the decision to do so ages back, then changed their minds when they saw what the broadband situation was really like, and decamped to Switzerland, only to find it wasn't much better. Certainly Irish international rates for b/b connectivity are excellent, which may have made it attractive to return to the original plan, plus I'm sure there were other inducements. Anyway, they're back, but the reasons this deal was almost lost should not be lost on the government as it dithers over funding broadband projects.

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