29 March 2003
Jonathan Freedland: Even if he wins the war, Blair has been humiliated. Comment, Jonathan Freedland: What does Tony Blair have to show for his loyalty to George Bush? Zilch. [Guardian Unlimited]
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From the Guardian's onlineblog.com. "The BBC has just signed Salem Pax's death warrant". "Over at the Command Post weblog, one contributor alleges that in the last few hours the BBC World Service has broadcast a number of personal details about Salem Pax, the Baghdad based author of the now-famous Where is Raed? weblog. There have been fears among some people for a few days now that enough details about Salem's real identity have been up around on web, even if not published on his weblog, to enable his identification. Now it's being alleged the BBC has gathered this information together and broadcast it. Salem hasn't posted since Monday although - of course - this could also be down to the intensive bombing of the city, which continues. The story also assumes the Salem we "know" really has ever existed. We still don't know for sure if he's for real - although if this is a hoax, it's been quite brilliantly done."
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From Salon.com. To the victor go the spoils:

On Wednesday, Darrel Issa, a Republican congressman from Southern California, sent a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asking him to make sure that the U.S. builds a CDMA cell system in Iraq -- the same system that's used in America, and one developed by Qualcomm, which happens to be one of Issa's most generous donors. The Defense Department had apparently been thinking of setting up a GSM system in Iraq, but Issa warned Rumsfeld that such a system, which is the standard in Europe, and elsewhere in the Mideast, would benefit "French and European sources, not U.S. patent holders."

Uh-huh. Right. So, in the rebuilt Iraq, travelling Iraqis will be able to talk to Americans in America on their mobiles (which of course they will really want to do) but not to any of their Middle Eastern neighbours, Asia, Europe, Africa and the vast bulk of the world that uses GSM and not CDMA. They won't even be talking to the UK. But at least they can phone the UN. Later on: Hmmmm, I forgot to look at this from the obvious angle. All the American companies getting the rebuild contracts (the wider subject of the piece above) will, of course, be able to use their mobiles in Iraq, while the rest of the world won't. Duh!

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BlogShares is a "fantasy stock market for weblogs." [Scripting News]
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"I don't believe we have to defeat Saddam's army, I think Saddam's army will defeat Saddam." Richard Perle a few months ago. [Paris blog]
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Appeals court to hear case vs. Microsoft. Two trade groups opposed to antitrust settlement between DOJ and Microsoft [InfoWorld: Top News]
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Name that Invasion. American Military Operation Name Generating Device [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]
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From the Warwatch blog:

From an editorial in France's Libration: "[We must accept] the invasion as a fait accompli and vote as soon as possible for a U.N. resolution that would open the way for the biggest humanitarian aid operation in recent history. It would be a mistake by France and the other anti-war countries to block U.N. involvement in Iraq. Likewise, it would be a serious mistake for the United States to try to sideline the United Nations in the post-Saddam era. So we must wish 'good luck' to Tony Blair in his attempts to convince Bush to abandon his imperialist isolation and entrust the United Nations with managing the aid as well as the administration and reconstruction of Iraq...Placing the country under a U.N. mandate is the only way to end this war while preventing the open wounds of Iraq and the Middle East...from becoming even more dangerously infected."

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