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Friday, April 12, 2002

Well, I've begun a wiki and I'm using Pikie Pikie. I like it, and I've got the basic features to work.

It seems not to be widely used, however. 

This from AbbeNormal, pointing to pages on the ancestral PikiePikie

Getting support, helping out, or just following along: Pikie:PikiePikieBugs | Pikie:ImplementedPikieEnhancements | Pikie:PlannedPikieEnhancements | Pikie:PikiePikieRequests | Pikie:DevelopmentWebLog

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Welcome to Jason Luther's Wiki

Welcome to Jason Luther's Wiki (

Wireless networking is both my job and my hobby. I am especially interested in [WWW]802.11, which is like a wireless version of Ethernet.

By day, I'm a software engineer at [WWW]AirWave Wireless. We offer software and tools for deploying, managing, and securing wireless networks. I really like the company, I believe in our product, and I get to play with wireless networks all day long. What could be better?

Outside of work, I do a lot with SfWireless. See pages related to CommunityNetworks.

Also see the WirelessFaq for some common questions about 802.11b.

For a complete list of pages in the wireless category, see CategoryWireless.

This is a conceptual diagram of a CommunityNetwork hotspot. See SfWireless/HotSpotV1 for more information.

Why Authenticate?

by JasonLuther

CommunityNetworks are supposed to be free, right? So why would you need or want to authenticate users and devices that use the network?

These are the main reasons: accountability and liability, resource allocation, and network management.

Authentication brings up two other quesions: how much anonymity should be allowed, and how should authentication be implemented?

This is a quick summary of my personal views on the issue.

A simple, insecure hotspot:

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Outdoor Access Point Encloseure v1

BAWUG - Outdoor Access Point Encloseure v1 - Matt Peterson

  • Overview

    This hack allows me to store multiple access points in the open outdoors, while at the same time minimizing cable loss and protecting the expensive equipment. Inspiration and props from The Land Down Under to Geoff Watts and Ryan Armanasco. My hack goes a little bit further (Go US!, just kidding), continuing to use Power over Ethernet along with room for amplifier's, 1-wire weather station, and other goodies.

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