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Sunday, April 28, 2002

my new entry on the meatball wiki


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I'm interested in information visualization issues and think the world is ripe for the development of a general tool for the making data patterns visible. More on this in my "Macroscope Manifesto"

Have used graphviz a lot, interested in TouchGraph, AtlasOfCyberspace, etc.

Hey, welcome! --Well thanks. By looking at revisions I see that that must have been SunirShah. (Should that have been obvious?)--JS'

I'm interested in genes, memes, brains, ideas, software, etc.--systems that develop through differential propagation of sucessful variants.

I think this is the Big Story and we desperately need a Big Picture.

So I've gotten interested in information visualization issues and think the world is ripe for the development of a general tool for the making data patterns visible. More on this in my ["Macroscope Manifesto"]

Have used graphviz a lot, interested in TouchGraph, [Atlas of Cyberspace], etc.

Wikis in general, and this MeatballWiki in particular, seem like good laboratories for exploring these issues. Some my thoughts on this kind of thing are at

So I'm starting to think about functions that could be well visualized.

And of course, like everyone else, I have some ideas about what might make Wikis better.

  • WebLogs?.
    • There should be an automatic weblogging feature for each person. That is, while I'm happy to have my wiki-writing refactored beyond recognition, I'm also interested in maintaining a diary-like record of what I was trying to say. What I will do today, for example is turn this entry into an entry on my own weblog at But that feels like something that could be made "automagic". I see some discussion of something similar at WritersLog.
  • Outline Support
    • There should be a way be to show or hide sub entries (like this paragraph and the previous one beginning "There should be a way..."
  • Conversations would be easier to track if subtle font colors, for example, were used to automatically color code authorship, of, say a single-authored sentence.


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CarpetBaggers go home

...Even as cable modem companies are knocking hundreds of thousands of subscribers offline, untethered forced-leisure gangs are committing random acts of senseless wirelessness, armed with cheap-like-borscht 802.11b cards and antennae made from washers, hot glue, and Pringles cans.

The Community Wireless movement is a fantastic example of how something unreliable can be cool, useful, self- sustaining, and utterly devoid of revenue potential. Wireless ISPs like Mobilestar charge a small fortune for network access at airport lounges and Starbucks in a handful of cities, and are still going broke, while a ride in a taxi through midtown Manhattan with an iBook will yield a new open network at every stoplight. Mobilestar's $60/ month gets you a service that is only slightly better than what a mass of public-spirited (or security-impaired) WiFi users have accomplished without even trying. It's just too damned expensive to provide the kind of reliability that stress-feeding mobile execs demand. Meanwhile, the cranky, kludgey world of open 802.11 base-stations gains ground every day. It'll never be good enough for people who use phrases like "mission-critical," but it'll be just fine for the rest of us. ...

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