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Monday, March 11, 2002

RSS Titles rendering
Thanks so much for adding the title feature! Should the Link field default to the permalink of the item being written? Hmm. There's a difference between what I'd want the HTML reader to see [...] and what I'd want the RSS reader to see, in a titles-only view [...] [Jon's Radio]

Well, back from my foray into the Radio-dev discussion group (a rather lively place :-), I've learned from Dave that there is a class=weblogItemTitle attribute to the a href="title_url" HTML tag generated by Radio when it expands the rss title tag.

So in the style definition part of the home page template (#homeTemplate.txt), all you have to do is add a couple of A.weblogItemTitle pseudo classes to alter the presentation of the titles in your weblog.

Mine currently are :

A.weblogItemTitle:link {
color: black;
text-decoration: none;
A.weblogItemTitle:visited {
color: #606060;
text-decoration: none;

Those titles are really something that was missing from Radio. Neat.

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Updated RedHat 7.2 rpms

A number of important updates to RedHat Linux 7.2 were released between last Friday and today:

binutils vs. rel. 12
mod_ssl vs. 2.8.5 rel. 4
openssh vs. 3.1p1 rel. 2 (important security vulnerability patched).
rsync vs. 2.4.6 rel. 13
zlib vs. 1.1.3 rel. 25.7

The easiest way to update is to use up2date -u package_name from a root shell account, provided the host is registered with the RedHat Network.

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How to use the outliner
An outliner is a text editor that allows you to control the level of detail that's visible, and allows you to reorganize text according to its structure.

Outlines are what Radio is made of. This may be too slightly drastic an assertion, but this tutorial is a good starting point to better Radio understanding.

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Programming Pointers
Radio UserLand and Frontier are different configurations of the same thing. [...] The pages below introduce the object database, script writing and debugging, and provide references for going deeper into the environment. Though these pages refer to Frontier, most of the time the differences will be minor.

This is a directory of resources for Radio Userland developers.

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The UserTalk language
UserTalk includes many language "structures" for repetition (looping) and decisions (branching). Each structure consists of one or more "blocks", i.e. a keyword line and one or more lines indented underneath (i.e. at a lower level). A keyword line contains one or more reserved words (such as "for" or "if") and usually user variables, data or expressions.

A starting point to try figure out Radio's internal programming language.

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New title option... Yesss !

At long last, it is now possible to include RSS 0.92 optional titles in weblog posts. Cool.

And now for a way to customize the rendering of this title on the weblog home page...

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Widget woes - the ongoing story...

It looks as if the updating of 2 radio tables linked to the Web Services folder is key in solving my problems with Jon's Subscription Display widget.

I moved the discussion of this issue to the Radio-dev Yahoo forum, in an attempt to enlist help from the experimented Frontier/Radio developers who seem to dwell there.

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