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Monday, April 1, 2002

New ioLinks Macro

Dann Sheridan has released a new ioLinks macro to render a list of opml outlines on a weblog page.

The ensuing threaded discussion on Radio-dev proves interesting.

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Publish and subscribe walkthrough

Dave has just published a great story describing the notification model used by Radio with rss and opml subscriptions.

He also outlines the way Radio will shortly interact with Instant Messaging servers to enable notification even behind firewalls and NAT.

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Dave's recentTitledBlogPosts Macro

Dave Winer has recently included a recentTitledBlogPosts macro in Radio UserLand, that displays a blog's table of content in the way my and Jon Udell's storyList macro does.

It has 2 nice additional features, for people who want to include a list of posts on their weblog's home page :

  • You can limit the number of displayed characters in the rendering of each post title, which is nice when publishing the table of contents in an area with a small column width.
  • You can limit the number of posts that get listed, starting from the most recent. That's cools if you don't want your table to run for miles down on blogs that have been around for some time.

I think the storyList Macro is better adapted to the exhaustive rendering of a full table of contents on a separate page, with the inclusion of each post's categories, as well as date of publication.

The page that supports s l a m 's storyList rendered table of contents is the base for my new - soon to be published - Javascript based blog navigation widget.

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