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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

SysAdmin Turns HTML Fashionista

Joe Jenett, the notoriously sleep-deprived web designer, is trying to build up my knowledge of HTML layout. As a current advocate of the 'tables are out' design trend, he directed me to this neat CSS placement tutorial published by A List Apart.

On the same site, I found a story on the importance of DOCTYPE syntax, and how it influences modern browsers. For a moment, I thought I had solved my radioScan-with-Mozilla problem. Tss... Back to the drawing board...

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Office X Combined Updater 10.0.3

Today is update day on s l a m. You can find more information about this MS Office update in the following Microsoft security bulletins: MS02-002 and MS02 -019.

Download is available at http://microsoft.com/mac/DOWNLOAD/officex/CombUpd1003.asp.

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MacOS X 10.1.4 Upgrade

Apple does slightly better than Microsoft in their system update description:

Security Update: -- BSD-based TCP/IP connections now check and block broadcast or multicast IP destination addresses.
Among other things, version 10.1.4 is also supposed to improve PPP connections and file searching on local and remote volumes.

MacOS X Software Update control panel is great. What I'd like to find with every update description that involves operational security is a link to a web page with detailed information on what was fixed. The only way to advance both security and reliability is by improved information disclosure.

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Internet Explorer 5.1.4 Update

Microsoft really needs to work on their update descriptions, especially when security issues are involved. How many pieces of real information can you find in the following paragraph

This latest version - version 5.1.4 - resolves all potential security vulnerabilities in previous versions of Internet Explorer 5. This includes vulnerabilities that might have caused Internet Explorer to stop responding or caused a memory problem that compromised the security of the computer.
Granted, I'd rather have cryptic upgrades than no upgrades at all, but there's no question Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit can do better than that.

And it does: a little exploration of Microsoft's site let me find the appropriate security bulletin in no time.

Now all that's missing is a mention of this bulletin's url in the update description.

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Espresso Drinkers Unite

coffee anyone?It gets worse: now that Paolo Valdemarin is indulging my hot drinking habits, I feel compelled to offer a more flexible espressoCup macro.

Will you find out how to display a regular coffee mug with it as well ? ... now back to serious work...

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