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Thursday, April 4, 2002

Javascript mysteries

I've just tested blogScan with Mozilla 0.99 and Netscape 6.22 under MacOS X, as well as Internet Explorer 5 on Windows NT 4 system:

The short version is it fails everywhere :-) I've managed to create a program that only works on IE5.1 under MacOS X :-)

That's one of the reasons I hate Javascript: it's one of those write once, bug everywhere programming environments. I reckon some heavy cross platform debugging is in order...

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New blogScan widget

My first and hopefully last attempt at Javacript programming is finished. I think I now know enough to have a fair idea of the works of others... :-) Anyway, the result is a new search tool for s l a m.

Clicking on quick scan in the search sidebar on the left will cause blogScan's window to pop up. blogScan displays a list of s l a m 's posts when you click the scan button. The small query form at the top lets you narrow the list according to date, track (category), or title keyword (regex).

When you click on one of the titles listed, the post is displayed in s l a m 's main window.

Ok, blogScan is pure Javascript, which means it is devious. It might not work with your Web browser. It currently works with mine: Internet Explorer 5.1 on MacOS X. I'll check Mozilla and Windows browsers shortly. Any feedback is of course welcome.

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