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Sunday, April 7, 2002

Dave's wager

DaveFrom Wired magazine May issue: Dave has bet $1,000 with NYT Digital's Martin Nisenholtz that weblogs will outrank the New York Times web site by 2007.

They intend to judge who has won 5 years from now by searching Google for the five top news stories, and see who comes on top, a weblog or the Times site.

Imo, this is typical Wired stuff: in 2007, Google may very well not be around anymore (I sure hope they will be very around, with lots of tough competition), and the top weblogs at the time may very well be operated by the New York Times, or even AOL (god forbids) for that matter.

In any event, if Dave wins, the $1,000 goes to the W3C. I hope he does.

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radioScan: the full story

I've just published a technical description of radioScan and how it works. I'm currently trying to enlist the help of more experienced javascript programmers, to help me find out why it doesn't seem to work in Mozilla and Netscape.

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