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Friday, April 5, 2002

blogScan becomes radioScan

It sure sounds better :-)

I've corrected a bug that prevented the widget to initialize correctly under Windows. I've now tested the javascript code successfully with Internet Explorer 5 on MacOS 9 and X, as well as Internet Explorer 5 and 6 on Windows NT and 98.

But I've had no luck with Mozilla or Netscape 6, neither on MacOS X nor Linux. I'm going to set up a page to describe what I did, and hopefully some javascript guru will stop by and help me out of this predicament.

If you're running a different web browser, try radioScan and leave me a comment describing the result.

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MacOS X security update includes openSSH 3.1
Apple Security Update released for Mac OS X. An Apple Security Update for April 2002 has been released via the Software Update application in Mac OS X. This release includes updated components that address security issues, especially for those running servers or file sharing across the Internet. [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service] thru [Mac Net Journal]
The update delivers OpenSSH v3.1p1 (about time, even though it was easy to compile this updated version from published sources), as well as rsync v2.5.2, groff v1.17.2, PHP v4.1.2, sudo v1.6.5p2, mod_ssl v2.8.7 and mail_cmds.

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