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Friday, April 12, 2002

Targeting the Google Box Macro

Experimental new parameter to the google box macro adds open in new window for Google links.

I guess it's my turn to engage in a few minutes of 'non-kosher' activities this morning.

When I first checked Radio's news aggregator (it's fast becoming one of my morning rituals), I noticed two interesting bits of information :

  • Dave has surreptitiously added an 8th 'align' argument to the google.box.
  • The actual macro code lives at system.verbs.apps.google.macros.box in Radio.root.
So I quickly opened the box script, and added the following:
  • In the on box declaration, I inserted
    , target="_self"
    after align="". This ensures that if no target is specified to the box, the links will open in the same window.
  • In the build htmltext bundle, in the add function call that's inside the for loop, I inserted
    + "\" target=\"" + target
    after the adr^.url variable. This adds a target attribute for each link. Be very cautious with the quotes and backslashes.
I then hit the Compile button and closed the script window. Now, back in s l a m 's #homeTemplate.txt, I modified the call to the google.box macro to look like this:

<%google.macros.box ("\"google soap api\"", 5, 191, "A0A0A0", "#FFFFFF", "http://radio.userland.com/googleApi", "track2", "", "_blank" )%>

and republished the home page... Bingo, when you click on a link in s l a m 's Google box, it now opens in a new window.

Now for a disclaimer of sorts: don't try this hack if you don't feel comfortable with it. If it doesn't work for you, you're on your own, I don't even want to hear about it (ok, may be not :-).

Besides, the macro code might be changed by UserLand any minute, and your modifications wiped.

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