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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

activeRenderer and Netscape 4

Brad Choate took the time to check that my Javascript code was not compatible with Netscape 4. I'm not surprised since I don't have a copy of Netscape 4 around any more.

I won't focus on Netscape 4 or IE4 backward compatibility - I don't know enough Javascript to do this efficiently. But if Brad or someone else comes up with a Netscape 4 or IE4 compatibility update, I'll make sure it finds its way into the activeRenderer package, with full credit for its author(s).

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activeRenderer Installation Issues

I've received an impressive amount of feedback for activeRenderer. In my experience, reading is faster than writing, so thanks for taking the time to drop a line, I try to keep up and answer every message I receive. I've noted that several people had problems installing activeRenderer yesterday. Here are the 3 first steps you should take if the package is not actively rendering up to your expectations.

  • Make sure your outline starts with #renderOutlineWith "activeRenderer". Or include a #prefs.txt file with this line in the outlines folder. I assumed rather absentmindedly that everyone had read Dave's outline rendering tutorial, and forgot to mention this in the first versions of the activeRenderer howto.
  • Check that you have placed the activeRendererHeader macro in Radio's Macros folder, and inserted a call to <% activeRendererHeader() %> in the <head> section of your #template.txt file, otherwise the javascript linked to the wedges won't be found.
  • You may have been a victim of yesterday's outage problems on the RCS server operated by UserLand: the package may not have upstreamed correctly to your public gems folder. Try removing the activeRenderer folder from the gems folder, check your Radio Events Log to verify that the public version is gone, then put it back in place - you may download the newer version btw - and check your Events Log again. Make sure that the outliner.txt and outliner.css files get upstreamed correctly. Before you check the new HTML rendered version of the outline in your favorite web browser, clear the browser's cache.
The eVectors team has offered to help me make activeRenderer into a Radio tool. If I can figure it out, it will make the installation process a lot easier.

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