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Monday, April 22, 2002

rssTruncate Cleans Up RSS Feed

New rssTruncate macro shortens any post to its first paragraph or sentence in the published RSS version of your weblog. Use rssTruncate to make posts more readable when scanned in a news aggregator.

The first sentence or paragraph of each post should provide a clear indication of what the post is about, in addition to the post's title.

Subscribers interested in the post can access the full version by clicking on the [read more] link.

With Radio, the post's title usually provides the same link, but you can post without a title (a bad habit :-), or provide a different link for the title, as I've done with this title, that links to the rssTruncate howto.

rssTruncate originates from a hack by Jon Udell.

Dave Winer then added a callbacks table to rss publication, making this hack both cleaner and supported by UserLand.

Paul Holbrook came up with the idea of using the first HTML paragraph of each post instead of the first sentence.

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coffee anyone?rssTruncate 4th test: the image is replaced by [img] and no read more.

6:45:59 PM  Permalink      

rssTruncate 3rd test: no html paragraph delimiter - the 1st sentence is published in the rss feed - the rest is linked to by read more.

This is the remainder of the post.

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rssTruncate second test. No [read more] link after this post, all is included in the first paragraph.

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First rssTruncating test. There should be a more link after this test

This is the remainder of the post.

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