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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

More (sic) Office / Radio Links Ahead on MacOS X

OmarOmar is cooking some mouth watering Entourage/Radio interfaces. He wonders:

Well, I'll probably first hook it up to Entourage Notes and also likely add one for Entourage Calendar. I could see this getting pretty interesting. I could probably use categories to allow you to write a bunch of posts offline and have them batch processed to Radio. Now if only the Radio SOAP Blogger API supported categories.
Omar, all you need in addition to the Blogger API is Dave's metaWeblog API, now a standard part of Radio 8.

I can't wait to see the result of his current experiments. It's safe to assume he knows his stuff: Omar works on Entourage at Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit.

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2 Macros for Stories Rendering

coffee anyone?storyBox() and espressoCup() are 2 new Radio macros that were recently born as I was looking for a way to use a single template, located in www/stories, for all s l a m 's Radio stories.

storyBox() is an answer to my slightly obsessive concern with displaying standards: Every s l a m story that uses OPML with my opmlRender macro now displays a white-on-orange xml button, with a link to the OPML version of the story.

espressoCup() comes out of my European repulsion for what passes for coffee in America, as well as a need to display a link to subscribe to s l a m 's instant outline only from selected pages.

If you think I'm snobbish, you can visit Jenett.radio's mug gallery and take your pick.

A note to Paolo: I drink my espresso in a glass.

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SOAP::Lite Updated

Good news while checking my email this morning, Paul Kulchenko 's notice that a new 0.55 version of SOAP::Lite is available for download, both in Unix and Win32 attire.

According to Paul, the new version fixes security vulnerabilities that affect SOAP::Lite servers, as described in Phrack Magazine.

I'll have to wait until tonight at best to take a look at the updated code.

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