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Thursday, April 18, 2002

G.O.B ?

Read his proposal for a new Google Outline Browser in his instant ouline this morning.

Hmm... Sounds like a job for ...

... Superman ? - maybe.
... David Davies ? - probably :-)

Wish I had time to help though... It's neat.

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Radio Facts for Geeks

This is the Radio story I started about 2 months ago while I was trying to understand Radio's cornucopia of features. Following Russ Lipton's example, in a somewhat geekier way, I'm trying to publish the document I wish I've had around at the time I first got interested in Radio. It is available in both HTML and OPML formats, and will probably go through several updates.

s l a m 's content will gradually become less groupware oriented the closer we get from the site launch date. My goal is to help other IT professionals initially browsing through s l a m to quickly figure out what Radio is about and how they can start working with it.

Facts breaks down Radio into its main components, trying to point to all the relevant background information disseminated on the Web. It includes a short list of things to do to get started. The final section is an evolving OPML directory of Radio documentation.

All comments and suggestions to improve RadioFacts are very welcome.

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PHP Security Revisited

Catching up on Martin Heller's PHP Revisited column on Byte.com, I've just realised I am responsible for a site with public Internet exposure and PHP 4.1.1 for Windows.

Oops, this is a serious mistake:

[27-Feb-2002] Due to a security issue found in all versions of PHP (including 3.x and 4.x), a new version of PHP has been released. Details about the security issue are available here. All users of PHP are strongly encouraged to either upgrade to PHP 4.1.2, or install the patch (available for PHP 3.0.18, 4.0.6 and 4.1.0/4.1.1).[PHP Security Update]
It doesn't take much digging into the advisory notice to realize these vulnerabilities in fileupload could allow an evil minded attacker to execute arbitrary code on a pre 4.2.2 PHP system.

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