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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Safety Tips for Alien Abuctees - first make sure that you have your human dog tag [via bOingbOing]  If you guys out there aren't reading bOingbOing, you should.  I rarely link to this site because it has so many cool things that I can't figure out which one to use.  I've added Cory's recently released book to my Amazon wishlist; it's about Disney, but not in the usual way, so I know I'll like it. 

3:51:29 PM    

Be Specific - that's sort of the word play for Sabrina Pacifici's new blog, which is called BeSpacific.  Sabrina is a co-founder of the outstanding webzine LLRX.  The new blog will address "the expanding resources in the public and private sector related to law and technology news. Daily postings provide updates on issues including copyright, privacy, censorship, e-commerce, e-government and freedom of information." 

I've added it to the law blog outline.  Oh, and most important, it has an RSS feed so I can subscribe to it in my news aggregator.  So now that's 167 news sources that I can scan each day.

2:32:30 PM    

Everything I need to know (that's "news") I learned from my News Aggregator - you all out there only see what I transmit up to the blogosphere.  You don't see what I receive, which is 166 news sources that feed into my browser (well into my Radio-enhanced browser, let's just say).  If you don't use a News Aggregator or haven't seen one then I can't easily explain to you the power of this tool. But let's try.  And let's just use examples from today's readings.

I learned from Adam Curry "about Gretta Duisenberg's visit with Yasser Arafat. Duisenberg is wife of Central European Bank president Wim Duisenberg, Europe's equivalent of Alan Greenspan."

I learned from Chris Cloud that European countries have limits on how many sales businesses can have in one year, and that  in France you only get two sales per year by law

And I learned from several sources (Jenny, LawMeme) that Lexmark is using the Digital Millenium Copyright Act's anti-circumvention provision to sue a company that is undercutting Lexmark's prices.

I learn all of this, and way, way more, by scanning my News Aggregator for about 10 minutes in the morning and again at lunchtime for about the same amount of time.  The information I get comes from smart people who are well informed in their particular area of interest.  They are passionate about their subjects so they get to the point quickly.  No teasers.  And, best of all, no commercials.

When I get home I watch the news broadcast that has been captured by my TiVo.  It's nice to skip through the commercials.  But I usually skip through the stories too.  I know about all the plane crashes and other immediacies.  My News Aggregator is like CNN, except I have my own selection of reporters out there in the field.  Adam Curry reports from the Netherlands, Chris Cloud is my travel advisor, and Jenny is my librarian.  I have lot's of other sources.  The subscriptions are cheap.  Why not get yourself a news aggregator?  You deserve it.  It's changed my life even more than TiVo.

Oh, if you want to know more about News Aggregators read this.

10:55:46 AM    

How to meet people using Wi-Fi - It's called Tepia, and I found it back tracing back a link from someone who keeps a blog page of cool stuff.  Apparently, he liked the Big Green Egg concept.  Ain't the Web grand?
10:32:05 AM    

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