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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

If you're looking for some good monitoring services/tools, check out Eric Edgar's recent post on our Life Time Fitness forum. He touches on a number of interesting options and the way he ties them into his existing technical support center. I have the feeling that many of you have your own "preferred" methods for outage notification, and I'm sure Eric will enjoy hearing your suggestions.

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If you enjoy gaming for more than an hour at a time more than three or four times a week, you may be in serious trouble, according to a recent research report by Akio Mori, a professor in Nihon University's College of Humanities and Sciences. After playing as little as one hour, your beta waves (the things that supposedly make people creative, less combative, and able to communicate) may drop and fail to recover over a 24 hour period.

I'm suddenly regretting the daily doomfests and extended warcraft sessions...

Posted by Network Computing at 12:31:09 AM

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