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Sunday, June 09, 2002

Asperger's, Body Image, Movement Therapies

I am shocked that there isn't much conversation on the net about use of movement therapies for Asperger's.  I did a quick google search which turned up little more than product ads or conference announcements.  It seems to me that a critical problem for individuals with Asperger's is their lack of a sense of their own body in space...they will hold themselves and walk oddly, have a poor perception of their own bodies, and so on.  It seems to me that the Alexander Movement Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy people should be helping out by working with (and studying) these individuals.

Another indication of their lack of being "tuned in" to their own bodies is their lack of knowledge of sex or masturbation.  Many AS kids and young adults don't have sex or even masturbate until their mid to late 20's.

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